Wedding Rings

Do you find yourself in a little bit of a quandary at the moment where you seem to be fumbling to find or figure out which would be the best wedding ring for you? Is this the first time that you have worn jewellery? Are you looking for something to sit alongside another ring perhaps, but cannot find the perfect match? To some, the job of finding the right ring to symbolize your love for another can be an exciting one, but to others it can be a very daunting prospect. Luckily for you all, if you tick either of the above boxes, our experts here at Glenray Jewellers are proficient in the art of guiding you towards your ideal ring, which will fit your style and palette for the rest of your days.

Similarly to humans, wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes; from big ones to skinny ones, round edged ones to flat edged ones, polished ones to matt finished ones, some with stones and some without. The choices for rings are endless and it can sometimes be overwhelming to pick between them as there is such a variety out there of you to decide between. In my humble opinion it is always best to try everything, eliminate what you don’t like and hone in on the ones which speak to you.

 If you are matching a wedding ring to an engagement ring then you are half way there already as more often than not you will be guided by the engagement rings design to set the tone. You ideally want to make sure that the new band compliments your existing one and does not become a distraction where the two fight for attention. Matching the profile of the engagement ring to the wedding ring is like putting two pieces of bread together to forge a sandwich. Easy peasy. The fun part is adding the detail. Would you want to include stones in your wedding ring? Engraving perhaps? Or maybe go for a completely different coloured metal for a contrasting look? Potentially this is not your plan at all. You might be considering wearing your engagement ring on the other hand and intend on having a matching ring to your betrothed instead?

Whatever your thoughts are, we can assist you in designing your wedding bands and help you tick off another job from your wedding day ‘To Do’ list. Come and see us at the churchyard and see our fantastic range of options for yourselves.