Design services



An opportunity to have the jewellery you have imagined and never found in the shops….You can design and own a beautiful piece of jewellery which is as unique as you are or which totally reflects the taste of the person to whom you are giving an exclusive gift….’

We have acquired the latest design technology, enabling you to see hundreds of images which you can customize to your own specification, on a high resolution screen and then see the item come to life in photo realistic images. We can give you our expert advice, guiding you through the process. Most designs can be shown immediately, some more complex designs may take a couple of days to come through.

The service is ideal, for example,  for designing engagement rings and matching wedding rings. As well as rings, you can create pendants, earrings or make up a matching set. We can incorporate your existing stones in a design which also uses stones from our huge selection.

Come into the shop to discuss your requirements and then book an appointment so we can spend time making your dream a reality. We have a selection of rings we can show you as examples of the type of thing which can be produced.

The charge for the design service is £50.00. if you then order the item you have designed from us, we will waive the charge and reduce the price of the item by a further £50.00. 

So please don’t hesitate, come along to our shop in Hitchin and make your jewellery dreams come true! We can also offer a remote service enabling you to design from your own living room!